Tips on How to Make Cannabis Honey Oil at Home

CBD products have gained a lot of popularity over the past decade. That is after the realization that the herb has a wide range of medicinal value against the general speculation that it is an addictive substance. Many products made from cannabis extracts have flocked in the market, and they are expensive to buy. That made us think of turning to home-based solutions of making these products at home. In this article, there is information about CBD oil and the procedure to make quality cannabis honey at home. Making cannabis honey at home is straightforward as it uses locally available ingredients. There are clear instructions on how to make cannabis honey and it is a short process. Most people take pride in growing their marijuana. How about we teach you how to make these extracts and products that are tax-free, chemical-free and preservative-free right under your roof?

Marijuana plant is put under a process to give cannabis honey oil. Different species of marijuana plants give different concentrations of THC whenever the oil is extracted from it. The THC and oil ratio will be the same whenever the extract is complete. The best variety of marijuana plant to use to extract CBD and TCH is the hybrid because it has the evenly distributed. Both elements are extracted from the cannabis plant, but you can find them separately in the market. The THC element is responsible for the euphoric feeling that people enjoy after taking weed. On the other hand, CBD is not psychoactive but rather induces a calmness effect and is useful in relieving pain, reduce anxiety and inflammation.

The cannabis oil is extracted from the plant using isopropyl alcohol that is readily available in the market. Do not try to use the regular drinking alcohol from your local liquor store. Isopropyl alcohol is used to dissolve the soil from the cannabis plant and ease its separation from the residues. The mixture of alcohol and oil is left to vaporize to leave the cannabis honey. Make sure you pass the oil through winterization or else you will end up with cherry oil. Winterization separates the cannabis honey from resides, fats and the green color. The end product is a dark looking gum which is the cannabis honey. Find pout more about the cbd products on this site.

If you want to make honey oil, make sure you have the following: freezer, baking pan, jar, coffee filer or mesh bag, knife or scraping tool, cannabis and isopropyl alcohol. Put marijuana and isopropyl and free it for 24 hours. Mix the marijuana and the alcohol in the jar and share it for about a minute. Pass the mixture through the coffee filter. Vaporize the alcohol and scrape the thick residue into a container. Those are the only steps to successfully making cannabis honey at home. If you need to find out additional info, visit this website:

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